Selected Composers – 2011 Call for Scores

In support of Canadian new music, and in conjunction with our August 27, 2011 concert, Piano Pinnacle issued a call for scores, which inspired dozens of new compositions across Canada.

The following composers were selected to have their works performed on August, 27, 2011, at Piano Pinnacle’s concert (alphabetical order):

John Baker – Four Beads
John Alexander Blyth – Duo Urge
Diane Chouinard – Duo Scherzino
Craig Day – Off to the Races
Frank Levin – Taraval Street Rag
James O’Callaghan – Aquifer
John Oliver – Birds at Play on a Sunny Windy Day
Martin Ritter – Overdrive
Drew Redman – Clothed to Naked Eye
Saman Shahi – Nasim

Congratulations to all of you who submitted your works!