Release of Two Recordings from Works by Shao Suan LOW and Rodrigo Baggio

Michigan Piano Duo Ensemble

In 2016, we had the pleasure of premiering fifteen original short pieces for piano duo in Brooklyn, NY, which were written for and dedicated to us. The composers had to work with the theme “Canada,” and it is no surprise that we received many pieces inspired by Canada’s natural beauty. We have just released recordings from two of these works on our Youtube channel.

Rodrigo Baggio’s Vieux-Quebec was inspired by the composer’s first trip to Quebec City, where he was performing at Université Laval. “The astonishing landscape provided me with beautiful historical, social, and cultural memories,” he writes in the programme notes:

Shao Suan LOW’s Maple Breeze is another one of the works featured on our channel. It is, in its composer’s words, a “relaxing New Age two-piano piece depicting falling maple leaves in autumn, with some dancing in the breeze.”

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